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Things You Need To Know About Laser Treatment For Hair Removal

"Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin"

This quote by American actress Zoe Saldana has struck a chord with women of all age groups, and one of the very few things that come in between getting the glamorous look is unwanted hair on the body. Different ways to remove the hair, for example, waxing or shaving has been tried and tested over the years, but all of them are temporary. However, medical advancements and research have succeeded in bringing laser treatment for hair removal into the equation. Keep reading to know everything there is to know about lasers.

Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

 What do You Mean by a Laser?

The first thing that comes in mind when you talk about lasers is that it is a device. Well, technically, it is so. Nevertheless, if you look for more further details, you would know that it is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” and the working mechanism of lasers is precisely what the full form states. A specific form of light with a single wavelength that is used to treat several conditions is a laser.

What makes laser hair removal permanent, are the destroyed hair follicles when the laser light of 1064 mm is shone on them. This procedure aims the light of the laser directly to the hair follicle, with an increased temperature of 70℃, letting it get absorbed by the melanin to destroy the follicles. 

What are The Different Types of Lasers Used in Hair Removal?

There is an assortment of lasers used for hair removal, but when it comes to permanent hair removal in India, Long Pulse Nd: YAG and Diodes are the most common. This is because both these lasers suit Asian skin-tone the most. Reputed hospitals and hair removal clinics use FDA approved lasers for the treatment. These certified lasers have traits of both conventional and painless procedures, making sure that the patients are not hurt during the treatment. 

Depending on the amount and area of hair you want to remove, teamed up with the Anagen phase, an average of six sessions and more are required for complete hair removal. Other factors that contribute to the number of sessions needed for the laser treatment for hair removal include the colour of the skin (because distinctive lasers work well on a certain skin tone), the coarseness of the hair, and hormonal imbalance of the patient, among others. Each session is a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour long, according to the area to be treated. 

 Results, Side-effects, and More

Specialised doctors and technicians are the only ones allowed to perform laser hair removal in India. The results of the procedure vary from person to person, as it ultimately depends on factors that are specific to a patient, as stated above. Cosmetic Surgeons or certified aestheticians are the best doctors you can trust when it comes to laser treatment for hair removal. 

If you keep in mind a few before and after instructions for laser hair removal, you will be able to get the best results out of the procedure. Talking about the side effects, there are no major ones as such, but a few minor ones like itching or redness of the skin that has just been treated is common. There is nothing to worry as such because these side effects last only for a few hours. The results of the treatment can be seen right from the first sitting itself, but the final result would only be visible after the last session.

Which is The Best Hospital for Laser Hair Removal Near Me?

If you are looking for a reliable place where you can go for laser treatment for hair removal, you might want to consider Saraswat Hospital. The hospital is run by two doctors who are diplomates of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr Satya Saraswat and Dr Preeti Saraswat, both of whom are specialists in their fields. 

Dr Preeti Saraswat is the Chief Clinical Cosmetologist of the hospital. She is a graduate from the University of Griefswald, Germany, and has spent years of practice in the same field. Her belief in giving customized treatment for each patient makes her one of the best doctors to perform the hair removal procedure.

Dr Satya Saraswat, on the other hand, has earned an award from the Honorable Health Minister of India for his outstanding contribution to the field of Plastic Surgery. After having labels like M.Ch, D.N.B, MBBS, and M.S with his name, he has dedicated himself to giving the best treatment for his patients. 

Conclusion: Saraswat Hospital, a medical facility best known for laser hair removal Agra, provides services that cover the well-being of each patient. The professional yet friendly approach during treatments is what makes them one of the best in India. Should you want to know more about the doctors and book an appointment for permanent hair removal in India, get in touch with Saraswat Hospital, now. 

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